Xela, Guatemala

What can you accomplish in a few weeks?
Start your medical career. How about saving a life?

The Global Public Service Academy for Health is a complete immersion, professional experience

Your experience begins in Guatemala City and quickly moves to Xela, working with faculty from our collaborators: Duke University or Johns Hopkins University. During your orientation workshop, you’ll learn to facilitate several screening measurements (height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc), complete some introductory cultural training and study critical health issues of the target community. You’ll be learning about the application of science and technology to improving health. You’ll be exploring your profession and starting your medical career!

Then, you’ll spend a few weeks living and working in Guatemalan clinics in the pueblos surrounding Xela. You’ll be living with a host family. You’ll continue your studies with faculty and students from our collaborating institutions. You’ll also get intense Spanish lessons every day. You’ll be dedicated to healthcare activities as well, such as screening patients for eclampsia , vaccinating, malnutrition intervention and screening, hygiene training and much more. You’ll be applying your medical training to improve the health of those in need.