San Antonio, Belize

What can you accomplish in a few weeks?
Start your medical career. How about saving a life?

The Global Public Service Academy for Health is a complete immersion, professional experience

With GPSA for Health’s Belize program, high school students travel to the beautiful, yet impoverished nation of Belize, a small, English-speaking, Central American nation bordering on the Caribbean.

In the morning, students will work at the local healthcare clinic where students deliver healthcare to some of the world’s poorest. One day they may be screening patients for hypertension, another assisting patients to manage their diabetes, and the following day teaching children to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Afternoons and evenings will be also be busy with training sessions on healthcare delivery and culture or classes in a Mayan language or Spanish language.

GPSA for Health’s program offers students the opportunity to work with extraordinary faculty and undergraduates from some of America’s best universities, including Duke University and Johns Hopkins University. Our faculty engages in long-term research, ensuring that everyone makes a sustainable, enduring impact.

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