Academy for Health

As a high school student, you have to make a lot of difficult decisions; what colleges do you want to apply to, what will you study, what do you want to be when you grow up? At 15 or 16 (or even 36), these questions can be overwhelming.  With GPSA, you have the opportunity to gain experience that may help you find some answers. Maybe it is appealing to travel to another country to experience a foreign culture, or to learn a new language. Or perhaps, you may want to explore if health care is the right field for you.  GPSA is here to make those dreams come true.  On a GPSA trip you can experience a foreign culture, learn a new language and, in addition, you’ll make a positive impact on a community in need by delivering hands-on
healthcare every day.  You’ll learn that volunteering your service can be just as
enriching to you as it is to those that you are helping.